Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ready to Adopt

Hello and welcome to our page! We are Mara and Chad, and we are legally approved through the home study process to adopt a baby!

 If you are interested in knowing more about us, please click on the page links above. If you are interested in helping us with this process, we have ways you can do that too. Right now we are trying to find a birthmother or biological mother and father looking to place their baby or young child or children with a loving family. 

We are ready to be parents, and are working with an adoption agency. However, the cost of networking to find a birthmother can be exorbitantly high. While we love A Baby Step Adoption Agency, if we can find an infant through our own connections we could save perhaps tens of thousands of dollars. The average cost of private infant adoption is $30,000-45,000. Obviously we would prefer to start our family without going into debt, since raising a child will bring plenty of costs as well.  

For more information on why we are pursuing this particular route to become parents, please see "How We Envision Our Family."  

The adoption agency has encouraged us to try networking on our own first. Our case worker feels we are strong candidates to attract interest if people can help us capitalize on our network of connections. Perhaps you can help with that! We need to get the word out. 

We have postcards available with our pertinent information; if you have people you think would be able to help or have access to a network of people we can give you some of those to hand out. 

You can contribute directly to our financial campaign by clicking on the button below.

Another way you can help is to print** the flyer linked to below and hang it up anywhere you think might be useful or relevant. Click on the words "Information Flyer" for a copy.


This information can/should be disbursed anywhere you think a pregnant female might see it, and to anyone who might know someone looking to place a baby. These might include:
  • social workers
  • counseling centers
  • obstetricians
  • women's health centers
  • college dormitories and locker rooms
  • public bulletin boards
  • medical officers
  • lawyers
  • churches
  • pastors
  • other places with a lot of public traffic, such as hair salons, supermarkets, etc

**If you're having trouble printing the flyer you may need to download it, save it, and when you print, select "Print to Scale." 

To get to know us better, please click around the site and check out the various posts. There are links across the top of the page that can better explain who we are and what we hope for.   To contact us directly please use the toll-free number at the top of the page, or email me at